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Everything in this world is impermanent, everything is emperfect, everything is incomplete. I've appreciated these qualities in nature, in my works, and in other people. I easily admire the beauty of anything and everything and tend to live in this unpredictable world, being inspired, and turn it into art. 

I got inspired by nature, lighting, and kindness. I constantly see things and make visual connection between feelings, characters, and words.

#HerSunset is a form of my admiration to the soul I admired. As much as I admired the sun, as the sun stands for energy, originality, and exuberance. I chose ocean as the landscape, aside from other nature surface, because I love the serence brutality of the ocean, it has more colors than I've realized, and they're always changing. I love the shadows of the clouds that dragging above us. I enjoyed the way unpredictable natural light responds to human's skin, hair, and eyes. I want to capture them together in a frame, even though still it couldn't portray enough of their splendor.



Sharon Angelia
Bali, Indonesia.