Lutesha / by Sharon Angelia


Tell me about your upbringing — where are you from and what's your childhood like?


I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. My childhood was pretty amazing. Both of my parents worked, so I get to have a little adventure after school (elementary school). Sometimes I go to my friend's house, a movie theater, townpark, or a small museum house near my school. I was pretty rebelious at that time, I always went home when nightfall with public transportation (I was 9 y.o).


S: How was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old? 


L: It feels surreal. Never thought of that actually. They literally witnessed every significant moment of my life, the first time I secretly ate peanut butter jam (my mom forbade me to eat it because of my asthma), the first time I jumped from a 16 meters waterfall and landed on my butt and I injured my tailbone, the first time I touched snow, the first time I got a job, the first time I left my job, and the hundredth time I had a nosebleed.

Now I know why is it called Mother Nature.


S: What character you've ever play that you feel comfortable the most? 


L: When I play Suki in My Generation film. It feels like I don't have to act, because Suki and I have the same character!

She was born on a full moon. Her older sister wanted her name to be Tesha. La Luna Tesha. It’s shorten up into Lutesha.
— Her Sunset