Natasha Wiggerman / by Sharon Angelia


SB : Have you ever regret?

N : No, because every decision I've ever made is a conscious decision. Whether it's a bad or good decision, I'll take that as a life lesson.


S : How was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old?

N : It's magical, it's surreal, and comfortable at the same time.


SB : How's it honestly being a mixed-race kid?

N : I was born in Netherland, lived there for ten years, then I moved to Indonesia and been living here for another ten years. I spent half of my life there, and half here. Being a mixed cultured makes me feel like I'm a mutant, but I do enjoy to fact that I have two different perspectives in life.


S : Who's 'Nat' when no one's watching?

N : When no one is watching, I'll be very spontaneous and I'll do like a lot of weird movements, but wait, it seems like I did those all the time even when everyone's watching. So, yeah, I don't know! 😂


-Her Sunset-