Aya Bernadette / by Sharon Angelia

S: Looking back on your past, what has led you to where you are today?

A: I guess I was just rolling with the motion of now, and focusing on doing what’s best for me and doing the best as I can in every work that I accomplish. In other words going in with the flow.


S: Your job requires you to get naked, figuratively, and literally. Is that difficult for you?

A: Yes it is, it was never easy for me. Being self conscious with my own body is one, and that I am also very conservative at heart.

S: Were you ever worried that your modelling career wouldn’t work out? (Concerning about age retirement / the born of new faces.)

A: Yes, definitely, when I was a few years younger I was never concerned about retiring at a certain age nor having a competition with newer faces just because when you were younger you feel like the world is at the palm of your hand. And you can do anything and everything. But obviously the longer you are in the industry, the more you understand how it works and the more you realize how difficult it is to stay at the top of the game.

S: How was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old?

A: I love the way they give us all the beauty, senses and emotions you need to complete a work of art for free.

-Her Sunset-