Tara Basro / by Sharon Angelia


S : Do you look for something of yourself in the women you play?

T : Women is such a complex being, in every character I have played I can always relate to her, and it’s such a blessing for me to be involved in these projects telling stories about women, and affect people in a certain way.

S : What's your most intimate relationship moment with nature?

T : I like to sit under a big tree barefoot and exchange energy. Living in a concrete jungle made this moment a luxury for me, its so grounding to be able to feel one with the nature, that we are all connected, it helps me to find my strength and grow taller and taller to walk my path on earth. Going to the beach is also very intimate for me, standing on the shore feeling the swash dissolving my feet — energizing them with positivity and let the negativity escape my body as the water roll back, on and on like a soothing cycle.


S : What is the current story you are telling about yourself (or to yourself)?

T : I used to be so hard on myself — take myself for granted, and not giving the respect I deserve. Now I’m learning how to be flexible, to flow like water and allow myself to really experience — make mistakes and pick myself up — to heal, because I guess thats the only way to find out what really works for me, what I like and don’t like, not what everybody think how it should be. Most importantly I am learning how to be secure, and I’m very proud to say that my happiness doesn’t come from others. I don’t want compliments and approval to be my goal, I want to make a difference in whatever I do.

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S : When you can't judge which one's prettier between the sky, sun, and ocean, have you ever think what may they judge you as a person?

T : I'd like to think the sky the sun and the ocean complement each other, it's an orchestrated beauty even during the darkest day. I really don’t know what they would think of me but I hope they can appreciate me just like how I do to them, hahaha.


“I am learning how to be secure, and I’m very proud to say that my happiness doesn’t come from others.”

— Tara Basro

-Her Sunset-