Tokyo — Summer 2019 / by Sharon Angelia


collaborating with rhearevren and littleleeyah, this open shoot trip provides full service production creating story and social media content for brand. We’re also taking portrait.

Open Shoot Trip_Tokyo-01.jpg
Open Shoot Trip_Tokyo-02.jpg

here’s some series we had done before with Rhea or Leeyah, or both.

We’re looking forward to work with Tokyo based models & agencies in appealing locations that Tokyo has to offer. From less glitzy Tokyo’s alleyway, tranquil Japanese garden, to the effortless beauty of Ryokan.

With a thought that we should combine our passion for travelling the world with shooting for clients along the way, we’re super excited to make our first open shoot trip happened, and we have only 6 more slots available. First come first served, so jump in there quick!

booking and inquiry

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