Her Sunset

Her Sunset is a form of my admiration to the soul I admired. As much as I admired the sun, as the sun stands for energy, originality, and exuberance. I chose ocean as the landscape, aside from other nature surface, because I love the serence brutality of the ocean, it has more colors than I've realized, and they're always changing. I love the shadows of the clouds that dragging above us. I enjoyed the way unpredictable natural light responds to human's skin, hair, and eyes. I want to capture them together in a frame, even though still it couldn't portray enough of their splendor.


Asmara Abigail

Coming Soon


Tatyana Akman

“I find it difficult to stay the same. I always have this desire for change, I'm always transforming, I’m always changing.”


Aya Bernadette

“The longer you are in the industry, the more you understand how it works and the more you realize how difficult it is to stay at the top of the game.”


Tara Basro

“I am learning how to be secure, and I’m very proud to say that my happiness doesn’t come from others.”


Natasha Wiggerman

“Being a mixed cultured makes me feel like I'm a mutant, but I do enjoy to fact that I have two different perspectives in life.”


Naomi Samara

“The layers of time, vast space and physical elements establish a sort of romantic loneliness that allows self reflection and honesty.”


She was born on a full moon. Her older sister wanted her name to be Tesha. La Luna Tesha. It’s shorten up into Lutesha.


Elena Petroni

“Two years and half ago, I decided to listen to that voice and now if someone asks me ‘Elena, what does happiness means for you?’ I am finally able to give an answer.”