Tara Basro by Sharon Angelia


S : Do you look for something of yourself in the women you play?

T : Women is such a complex being, in every character I have played I can always relate to her, and it’s such a blessing for me to be involved in these projects telling stories about women, and affect people in a certain way.

S : What's your most intimate relationship moment with nature?

T : I like to sit under a big tree barefoot and exchange energy. Living in a concrete jungle made this moment a luxury for me, its so grounding to be able to feel one with the nature, that we are all connected, it helps me to find my strength and grow taller and taller to walk my path on earth. Going to the beach is also very intimate for me, standing on the shore feeling the swash dissolving my feet — energizing them with positivity and let the negativity escape my body as the water roll back, on and on like a soothing cycle.


S : What is the current story you are telling about yourself (or to yourself)?

T : I used to be so hard on myself — take myself for granted, and not giving the respect I deserve. Now I’m learning how to be flexible, to flow like water and allow myself to really experience — make mistakes and pick myself up — to heal, because I guess thats the only way to find out what really works for me, what I like and don’t like, not what everybody think how it should be. Most importantly I am learning how to be secure, and I’m very proud to say that my happiness doesn’t come from others. I don’t want compliments and approval to be my goal, I want to make a difference in whatever I do.

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S : When you can't judge which one's prettier between the sky, sun, and ocean, have you ever think what may they judge you as a person?

T : I'd like to think the sky the sun and the ocean complement each other, it's an orchestrated beauty even during the darkest day. I really don’t know what they would think of me but I hope they can appreciate me just like how I do to them, hahaha.


“I am learning how to be secure, and I’m very proud to say that my happiness doesn’t come from others.”

— Tara Basro

-Her Sunset-

Aya Bernadette by Sharon Angelia

S: Looking back on your past, what has led you to where you are today?

A: I guess I was just rolling with the motion of now, and focusing on doing what’s best for me and doing the best as I can in every work that I accomplish. In other words going in with the flow.


S: Your job requires you to get naked, figuratively, and literally. Is that difficult for you?

A: Yes it is, it was never easy for me. Being self conscious with my own body is one, and that I am also very conservative at heart.

S: Were you ever worried that your modelling career wouldn’t work out? (Concerning about age retirement / the born of new faces.)

A: Yes, definitely, when I was a few years younger I was never concerned about retiring at a certain age nor having a competition with newer faces just because when you were younger you feel like the world is at the palm of your hand. And you can do anything and everything. But obviously the longer you are in the industry, the more you understand how it works and the more you realize how difficult it is to stay at the top of the game.

S: How was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old?

A: I love the way they give us all the beauty, senses and emotions you need to complete a work of art for free.

-Her Sunset-

Naomi Samara by Sharon Angelia


Sunset with Naomi

S: What nature has taught you?
N: To feel humble, small, yet connected and powerful.


S: What led you to explore this space of living as an artist?

N: Growing up in a family of eccentrics and artists, I've established creating as a life skill early. A big part of the way I internalize, strip down and process life experiences.


S: How was it being witnessed by the sun, sky, and the ocean which are two centuries old?

N: The layers of time, vast space and physical elements establish a sort of romantic loneliness that allows self reflection and honesty.


- Her Sunset -

Natasha Wiggerman by Sharon Angelia


SB : Have you ever regret?

N : No, because every decision I've ever made is a conscious decision. Whether it's a bad or good decision, I'll take that as a life lesson.


S : How was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old?

N : It's magical, it's surreal, and comfortable at the same time.


SB : How's it honestly being a mixed-race kid?

N : I was born in Netherland, lived there for ten years, then I moved to Indonesia and been living here for another ten years. I spent half of my life there, and half here. Being a mixed cultured makes me feel like I'm a mutant, but I do enjoy to fact that I have two different perspectives in life.


S : Who's 'Nat' when no one's watching?

N : When no one is watching, I'll be very spontaneous and I'll do like a lot of weird movements, but wait, it seems like I did those all the time even when everyone's watching. So, yeah, I don't know! 😂


-Her Sunset-

Elena Petroni by Sharon Angelia

Two years and half ago, I decided to listen to that voice and now if someone ask me ‘Elena, what does happiness means for you?’ I am finally able to give an answer. Happiness is the freedom to be yourself.
— said Elena.

S: Can you share more about your upbringing – where you are from and what brought you to this island (Bali)?

E: I come from a small medieval village surrounded by hills in the center of Italy. I couldn’t really appreciate the beauty of the place where I was living, for me it wasn’t enough and I was already planning to move to Rome as soon as possible. It happened when I was eighteen. I spent seven years there, during which I got a degree in Marketing and Communication and I worked for an important advertising agency. Whenever I could, I was travelling around the world — I visited more than 20 countries in my life. Travelling for me is the best way to know yourself: being in contact with different cultures, push yourself in extreme conditions, be able to break certain rules and preconceptions you carry from the society you come from… well, it really changed my way of thinking about life and the entire world. Trip after trip, I started to become fascinated by that simple life I was experiencing in remote villages, along riversides and around hidden temples I visited.



"After Rome my ambition brought me to Milan, to work for the fashion industry. I was really focused on my career at that time, working hard and long hours per day, forgetting about my self too often. Those three years were essential to make me move to Bali and for this reason I will be always grateful for that experience, even if it wasn’t simple at all. I realized that the price I was paying to achieve my objectives was too high. That to fit in the society I was living in, I had to put to cover myself in so many layers- made by roles, expectations, insecurity and the need to demonstrate something to me and people around me. I quickly lost the contact with my self, with my Nature and the spontaneous way I used to be. My mind was stuck, I started to have lack of air and an uncontrollable desire to escape from a life that the system told me to lead. After my last trip in Asia – this time in Bali – on the flight back home I felt like the island was giving me a message, asking me to come back as soon as possible."


S: What is your perspective about a connection between human and nature?

E: I love this question. Nature is where we come from, it surrounds us and is within us. We are Nature. I got in contact with this concept already during my trips but I really understood the real meaning when I moved to Bali. Being in such a strong connection every day with the Nature, made me go back to my true self, the one I lost during my ‘previous life’ as I like to call my life in Italy.

"So, a kind of regression that basically means evolution. Because, just if we are in contact with ( our ) Nature we can really understand, improve and empower ourselves. I would never draw my first collection of jewelry if I couldn’t experience this enlightening process. That’s why my label is called tredici.zerodue, which in Italian means thirteen of February, the date when I moved to Bali."


S : A connection between you and tredici.zerodue?

E : As I always say, tredici.zerodue jewels is not just a brand but it’s a way to be. My pieces are small, precious declarations of femininity, freedom, passion, desire, independence, strength. I am not really interested to create just adornments rather powerful objects, with a meaning and a story behind which I would love to transfer and share to all the women who decided to wear them.

I am an aesthete, I feel inspired from the beauty in all its shapes. From Nature to human beings and their countless arts.
— Elena

S: What makes you feel most alive?

E: Of course from one of my biggest passions: Music. Especially for experimental, ambient and electronic music.


E: I (we) belong to the sky, to the sun, to the oceans, to the entire world. Anytime I am in the nature and I take a moment for myself, I stay in silence, I close my eyes and I can feel a warm hug embracing my soul. Doesn’t matter if I had a good or a bad day. That is the sweetest feeling ever, that is pure love.

S: Tell me how was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old?


Lutesha by Sharon Angelia


Tell me about your upbringing — where are you from and what's your childhood like?


I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. My childhood was pretty amazing. Both of my parents worked, so I get to have a little adventure after school (elementary school). Sometimes I go to my friend's house, a movie theater, townpark, or a small museum house near my school. I was pretty rebelious at that time, I always went home when nightfall with public transportation (I was 9 y.o).


S: How was it being witnessed by sky, sun, and the oceans which are two centuries old? 


L: It feels surreal. Never thought of that actually. They literally witnessed every significant moment of my life, the first time I secretly ate peanut butter jam (my mom forbade me to eat it because of my asthma), the first time I jumped from a 16 meters waterfall and landed on my butt and I injured my tailbone, the first time I touched snow, the first time I got a job, the first time I left my job, and the hundredth time I had a nosebleed.

Now I know why is it called Mother Nature.


S: What character you've ever play that you feel comfortable the most? 


L: When I play Suki in My Generation film. It feels like I don't have to act, because Suki and I have the same character!

She was born on a full moon. Her older sister wanted her name to be Tesha. La Luna Tesha. It’s shorten up into Lutesha.
— Her Sunset